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Message from Noriko Watanabe, MD.

Dr. Watanabe

Infertility Treatment: Not Just for Women!

Greetings, my name is Noriko Watanabe.
When I first became a doctor, my original plan was to specialize in cancer treatment.
As a university medical clerk, I had the opportunity to train in obstetrics and gynecology with childbirth.
Like many infertility specialists, I worked my way “backward” from there, seeing so many people struggling with infertility, I felt absolutely compelled to help.

While studying in various places, I came to understand that treatment for women alone was not enough to create new life.

As my interest in infertility studies grew, I studied under a doctor who treated both male and female causes of infertility, and my idea became stronger and stronger.

In Japan, there is a sense that only women are treated for infertility, that it is a woman’s problem only, however in recent years, more and more men have wanted to take chare of their own fertility, and there is greater recognition of male sources of infertility.

Infertility medicine is always on the cutting edge.
Areas like recurrent pregnancy loss are poorly understood even in our modern world, and every new strategy represents huge progress.
It’s truly amazing to be part of a field that is moving so quickly and trying new things all the time.

So far I have treated both female and male infertility.
I hope that I can help, using my extensive work experience, whether it is methods close to nature, or advanced technology.
I am happy to assist any way I can.