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To Those Coming from afar Whom Desire In Vitro Fertilization

At our clinic, we are providing a service so that patients coming in from afar don’t have to make so many visits and still receive in vitro fertilization. 
For patients who are interested, please check the information below, give us a call to schedule an appointment and we’ll be expecting you soon.


1, About the first visit

Please schedule an appointment so that you are able to come in for a visit before your menstruation begins.

Appointments: Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi TEL.06-4398-1000
  Oak Clinic, Ginza TEL.03-3567-0099


2, Please search for a physician to cooperate with in your hometown

Before your visit with us, please search for a physician to cooperate with in your hometown.
Also, please look for a facility that can provide assistance with injections after the times of 21:00~23:00 and where you can get injections and follicle measurements because we will prepare the necessary medicine here.
❈In regards to the injections, it is possible to get practice to do it yourself, so please let us know ahead of time if you are interested.


3, Please bring the required documents

When you come in, please download and bring with you the required documents as they are needed prior to your application for in vitro fertilization(IVF).



Distance In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Office Handling Fee

The costs will differ depending on where the follicle check and injections are done.


[ Fee of Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi ]

Follicle Check Injections Cost (w/o tax)
Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi
Partner clinic
Self-injection ¥2,000
(Home charge for self-injection)
Other medical facility than the above listed ¥80,000

[ Fee of Oak Clinic, Ginza ]

Follicle Check Injections Cost (w/o tax)
Oak Clinic, Ginza
Partner clinic
Self-injection ¥2,000
(Home charge for self-injection)
Other medical facility than the above listed ¥80,000



<Schedule Example>

Menstrual Day Place Content Things to bring

Before Menstruation

First Visit

Oak Clinic

Ultrasound Test

Required Documents

  ˜   Semen Test) IVF Deposit
Start of Menstruation Day 1   Contact our clinic  

Day 3

Other clinic
or on your own

Start of ovulation induction medicine

  Day 6 Other clinic Follicle measurement  




Contact our clinic about the medical examination content


2 days before ovulation

Other clinic

OPU schedule decided

    Other clinic
or on your own
HCG injection  

Ovulation day

Our clinic


Necessary things






Embryo transfer day

Our clinic

Embryo transfer





Luteal support





14 days after OPU

Our clinic

Pregnancy decision








IVF Stay Guidance (Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi)


When there is an OPU or an embryo transfer, you can use our facilities to rest or stay over, so by all means please take advantage of this.

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