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IVF Treatment Policy

❈This is simply a guideline



Ovarian Stimulation Method


♦ 41 years of age and younger


IVF Treatment Policy

♦ 42 years of age and older


IVF Treatment Policy(42 years or older)


♦ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


IVF Treatment Policy(PCOS)


♦ Severe Endometriosis (Intestinal· Rectal · Vaginal Endometriosis)


Ultra Long Method


♦ Others


Complete Natural Method, Letrozole, Sexovid...etc.


♦ Remarks


■ If you enter the egg cycle in the course of the period

Regardless of age, start with HMG-MPA Method or HMG Cetero Method.


■ Stimulus Cancellation ⁄ Cancellation Criteria

Growing follicle number is greater than or equal to10mm

(ⅰ) Greater than or equal to 35 eggs → Cancellation due to risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
(ⅱ) 0 Eggs by CD15 → Cancellation due to follicle growth failure



Fertilization Method




Possiblity ofICSI



All Embryo Freezing


All Embryo Freezing








Embryo Transfer (ET) ⁄ Blastocyst Transfer (BT)





■ Conditions for the Possibility of 2 embryo transfers

(ⅰ) Over 35 years old OR
(ⅱ) Unsuccessful pregnancies of 2 or more times OR
(ⅲ) Strong desire of the couple



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