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To All Non-Residents of Japan and/or Patients Living Overseas

In an effort to offset expenses that go into improving our foreign patient management system, we regret to inform you that an additional 50% handling charge will be added to your medical bill at the clinic as of February 1st, 2019. This charge will be designated specifically for optimizing your experience and treatment services available at the clinic and will apply to all overseas patients and/or non-residents of Japan (those without a Japanese resident card or “zairyu” card).
In the event a refund for services you did not receive is needed, this 50% charge cannot be refunded.


As part of the system improvement efforts, we are employing an in-house agency to actively oversee our non-resident IVF patient management system. For those considering or undergoing IVF treatment at the clinic, please consult for further information on pricing details.


Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. We hope to continue our excellent relationships with all our current and future patients and we look forward to serving you on your reproductive health journey.


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