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Oak Clinic’s partner agency, O.G.M.S., will henceforth supply all English language assistance and services to the Oak Clinic English Help Desk via e-mail and telephone.

English Help Desk hours are as follows:

  Until May 17, 2021 From May 18, 2021
Sunday No Help Desk Service No Help Desk Service
Tuesday 10:00 – 18:00 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday 08:30 – 16:30

Email: english_help@oakclinic-group.com

Telephone: 070 1820 0909



Queries made outside of these hours may be subject to a delayed response.

English-Japanese live interpretation services (either in person or via video chat) will nolonger be available in any circumstance.

In lieu of interpretation services, Oak Clinic will endeavor to match English-speaking patients with doctors who are comfortable providing services in English. As a result, the availability of appointments may not match clinic hours in all cases, and may change without notice.

During appointments, all questions and concerns (regarding test results, medications, treatments, etc.) should be mentioned at the time of the doctor’s examination, directly to doctors (rather than nursing staff) wherever possible.

In the event of a barrier to communication with staff that leaves any questions unanswered or information unclear, or when there is difficulty with scheduling a follow-up appointment, please contact the English Help Desk via email at english_help@oakclinic-group.com

Please note also note that patients seeking fertility services should advise the English Help Desk at least 5 business days before the first day (CD1) of the desired new cycle to make a new cycle appointment. If advance notice is not provided, it may not be possible to schedule a new cycle appointment (for payment of deposit and disbursement of cycle medications) in a timely manner.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause, and we are grateful for your cooperation.

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