For those considering to transfer to Oak Clinic from another clinic

For those attending our hospital for fertility treatment for the first time:

If you are embarking on fertility treatment for the first time here at Oak Clinic, rest assured a plan will be created based on your specific situation and your wishes, as well as your treatment history. If you have test results from other hospitals, please bring those with you as well, for the most efficient treatment.

About Consultation

If you are a first-time patient, you can receive a consultation without an appointment, but the reception process will be much smoother if you call or email in advance. If you want to have a medical examination without prior notice, please visit during reception hours and bring your health insurance card with you. Check the information page for consultation hours.

About consultations and inquiries

Oak Clinic accepts consultations by phone and email from those considering treatment at our hospital, such as those who are currently receiving treatment at another clinic but have not yet met with success, or who are interested in treatments specific to our facilities.
Whatever you need to know, please ask us directly. Experienced specialists will be happy to assist you, and consultation with them by phone and email is free.

English Help Desk


【Reception time】
Tuesday~Saturday  09:00~17:00

About the Questionnaire

You can download and print the questionnaire on the information page for each clinic. If you fill it out and bring it to the hospital with you when you visit, your intake process will be smoother.