Oak Clinic [Step Up] Method

I think that there are a variety of ideas in regards to treatment, even for those who are undergoing treatment for infertility.
There are many different people and many methods, those who desire if possible a natural way, those who desire to get pregnant as soon as possible.

There are many causes for infertility.
However when the cause is not clear even after a variety of examinations, “unexplained infertility” is the most common case.
Such in the case of “unexplained infertility”, we will continue treatment in stages.

First, we will start with the timing therapy.
After attempting the timing therapy three times and without achieving a pregnancy we will move forward with artificial insemination (AIH).
If after repeating artificial insemination six times without success, we will then transfer on to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
This is the reason that we continue to step-up the treatment, but amongst some patients, there are those coming out who feel that even if it’s not by IVF, perhaps it is possible to get pregnant naturally.
In actuality, it is very rare for there to be someone who gets pregnant naturally after more than ten times of IVF.


However, infertility treatment is the probability theory.
If you do not get pregnant after trying within a period of time of the treatment we must step-up to the next treatment.
It has been found that if it is done this way, in the end there will be a very high pregnancy rate and a low treatment cost.

In addition, there are many complex mechanisms that go into fertilization, and not all are visible to us.
In some cases, it can be seen that doing the in IVF and the affinity of the sperm and oocyte are bad and that it is a failure of conception.
In such a case, it will be handled by allowing the fertilization to take place by micro-insemination (ICSI).


The truth of the matter is that pregnancy rate decreases with age.
We can’t play around with time when it comes to the hope of a natural pregnancy.
Unfortunately, there are many who lost there chance, while putting off the following treatments.
I personally wish to be involved in the treatment actively.
If you have any questions, please ask the outpatient clinician or an embryologist.