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Subsidies of Infertility Treatment

Specific Infertility Treatment Cost Subsidy Program

Our clinic is a designated medical institution of promotional business dealing with specific infertility treatment costs.
Year by year, there is a steady increase of married couples coming to receive fertility treatment, but because In Vitro fertilization, micro-insemination and freeze-thaw embryo transfer are not covered by insurance, there are those who have no choice but to give up the fertility treatment due to economic reasons.  Therefore, in order to reduce the economic burden of such, the “Specific fertility treatment subsidies” has been created to subsidize part of the cost required for the specific infertility treatment.  By all means, take advantage of this system and get a more optimal treatment.

<Valid Utilization of the System>

In many local governments, in order to subsidize only the total amount of the cost treatment if the treatment cost is under the limit, you have to apply to validly use the system when the treatment cost is more than the maximum amount of assistance.  If it is a municipality that does indeed grant coverage for the freeze-thaw embryo transfer, because it is quite often that the cost of the treatment does not exceed the maximum amount it is recommended to be submitted with In Vitro fertilization and micro-insemination.

<Documents for medical institutions to fill in>

To apply for a grant, it is required that the medical institution to fill in the documents (for example: the certificate of infertility treatment cost subsidized visit).  At our clinic, since we will make it for free, so please bring the papers you can get at your local ward office and tell us at reception. 





Recurrent Miscarriage Syndrome Treatment Cost Subsidy Program


Even if you are pregnant, there are times when you can not have a child due to a miscarriage or a stillbirth, but generally speaking you will be diagnosed with recurrent miscarriage syndrome if you have a history of miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth of two or more times.

The recurrent miscarriage disease treatment cost subsidy program is the system subsidized by the government that is one part of the required expenses for recurrent miscarriages.  At present, in Osaka Prefecture, Takatsuki City is providing this system and this hospital is one of the medical institutions in the business.

In the future, we recommend that you check with the local government, since it is expected that there will be an increase in local governments to introduce a recurrent miscarriage treatment cost subsidy program.

❈The contents of the system and the application conditions (such as income) will be different for each municipality.  In advance, we request that you check yourself to see if it is appropriate in your government. 
For more information, please contact your local ward office.



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