Getting Pregnant using Frozen Oocytes:
Fresh Embryo Transfer Method

In the thawing cycle, several oocytes are thawed and micro-fertilized, and fresh embryo transfer is performed.


  • The odds of pregnancy are a little bit higher because there is only one freezing cycle.
  • You can try with sperm from any time.


  • The cost of embryo transfer and thawing are together, it may be a high price to pay all at once.

Schedule Summary

Shortly before menstruation Make a plan with the doctor
Before the 2nd day of menstruation Pre-cycle ultrasound
Collect medication
Day 12 USG Endometrium Check
Day 14 Oocyte thawing and ICSI
Day 17-19 Embryo transfer
Day 27 Pregnancy test

Cost simulation

This assumes that 6 oocytes (2 cryotops) are thawed, micro-inseminated and given calcium ionophore treatment, then cultured to day 5, resulting in at least 1 embryo.
※Prepayment ¥350,000
※Prices including tax are listed based on the obligation to display the total amount. Final calculations may differ.

Item Pre-tax With tax
Thawing 6 oocytes (2 cryotops) ¥30,000 ¥33,000
ICSI & Calcium Ionophore for 6 oocytes ¥135,000 ¥148,500
Culture to Day 5 ¥90,000 ¥99,000
Total ¥255,000 ¥280,500

Afterward, using Estrana and Onecrinone mediations, there is an embryo tranfer.

Item Pre-tax With tax
Estrana ¥5,520 ¥6,072
Onecrinone vaginal gel ¥18,600 ¥20,460
1 embryo transfer ¥55,000 ¥60,500
Total ¥79,120 ¥87,032

Total:¥255,000 + ¥79,120 = ¥334,120
(With Tax:¥280,500 + ¥87,032 = ¥367,532)