Getting Pregnant using Frozen Oocytes:
Fresh Embryo Transfer Method

In the thawing cycle, several oocytes are thawed and micro-fertilized, and fresh embryo transfer is performed.

several oocytes


  • The odds of pregnancy are a little bit higher because there is only one freezing cycle.
    (0-10% difference on paper)
  • By not thawing all the oocytes at once, even if the semen findings are not very good, all can be stored without insemination.


  • The cost of embryo transfer and thawing are together, it may be a high price to pay all at once.

Schedule Summary

Shortly before menstruation Make a plan with the doctor
Before the 2nd day of menstruation Pre-cycle ultrasound
Collect medication
12th day of menstruation USG Endometrium Check
14th day of menstruation Oocyte thawing and ICSI
17-19th day of menstruation Embryo transfer
27th day of menstruation Pregnancy test

Cost Simulation

This assumes that 6oocytes (2cryotops) are thawed, micro-inseminated and given calcium ionophore treatment, then cultured to day5, resulting in at least 1embryo.
*Prices including tax are listed based on the obligation to display the total amount. Final calculations may differ.

Item Before Tax Including Tax
Thawing 6oocytes (2cryotops) ¥30,000 ¥33,000
ICSI & Calcium Ionophore for 6oocytes ¥135,000 ¥148,500
Culture to Day 5 ¥90,000 ¥99,000
Total ¥255,000 ¥280,500

Afterward, using Estrana and Onecrinone mediations, there is an embryo tranfer.

Item Before Tax Including Tax
Estrana ¥5,520 ¥6,072
Onecrinone vaginal gel ¥18,600 ¥20,460
1embryo transfer ¥55,000 ¥60,500
Total ¥79,120 ¥87,032

Total : ¥255,000 + ¥79,120 = ¥334,120
(Including Tax : ¥280,500 + ¥87,032 = ¥367,532)

Fresh embryo transfers with frozen oocytes :
Details of the schedule

Before Menstruation (Around one week before menstruation) Provide prepayment and documents, receive cycle medications.
Menstruation Day
Call on the first day of menstruation.
Confirm negative pregnancy test.
This should be the first day when you see normal menstruation.
If it occurs after 18:00 , the next day is day1.
The next visit will be on approximately CD12.
2 Hormonal medication starts

Day 12 of menstruation
(before and after OK)
12 Visit the clinic for ultrasound of endometrium. If the endometrium is 7mm or more, the thaw date will be determined two days after the next day.
If it is less than 7mm, check again in a few days.
In case of thawing cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged from the afternoon of the day before thawing.
1 Day Later 13
2 Days Later
Day 0 of Fertilization
14 Oocyte thawing and micro-insemination (day 0)
Semen collection (in-hospital semen collection or bringing semen or thawing frozen sperm)
Continued hormonal medication
Progesterone starts at 14:00 (or 15:00)
Calcium ionophore is also used for micro-insemination of frozen oocytes and sperm.
Semen must be submitted by 10:00.
Please bring semen within 2 to 3 hours after collection as much as possible.
For in-hospital semen collection, please come by 9:30.
After submitting the semen, please wait about 30 minutes while the lab staff confirm the presence of sperm and the plan.
If more embryos than necessary are formed, the lab staff will confirm the approximate freezing period of the embryos and any limit you wish to place on frozen embryos, if applicable.
15 ↓⇓ Embryo development is confirmed on the 1st and 3rd days of fertilization.
16 ↓⇓ If you would like to confirm embryo growth on the 1st and 3rd days, please call us from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekends and holidays.
Day 3 after fertilization 17 Day 3 ET: Visit for procedure


Embryo transfer: Please come by 14:00 (or 15:00).
If the embryo does not grow into a transfer embryo, the culturist will call you in the morning of the day of transfer.
18 ↓⇓
Day 5 after fertilization 19 Day 5 ET: Visit for procedure


Embryo transfer: Please come by 14:00 (or 15:00).
If the embryo does not grow into a transfer embryo, the culturist will call you in the morning of the day of transfer.

Day 18 after fertilization 32 ↓⇓  
Pregnancy test