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Testimonials from Our Patients

Some words of thanks received from patients that are experiencing infertility treatment at our clinic…  We will share a few of these messages of support.


■ Mrs. S
This time last year I was praying everyday “that I could get pregnant…”  Then a year passed and I got pregnant, and safely gave birth to a baby girl.  Now I’m spending these happy days holding my cute daughter.  Even though there were many tough, sad times along the way, thanks to the doctors I was able to meet my baby girl.  My husband and I are full of gratitude to you all.  Thank you so much.


■ Mrs. K
I had 25 embryo transfers and 5 oocyte pick ups at Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi.  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t short.  I re-read many times in contemplation Dr. Taguchi’s book.  But, I am now able to think that that was also necessary at the time.
I sincerely think that it was good that I was born by my mother and also being able to have that experience myself.  Simply because that there was a period of infertility I feel even stronger.  I’d like to thank all the staff at Oak Clinic in Sumiyoshi for giving me this opportunity.  Thank you so much.


■ Mrs. S
To all the staff and the doctors, thank you so much for taking care of me while I was visiting and staying at your clinic.  I safely gave birth to a healthy girl.  I thought maybe it was impossible for me to have any children, and there were many times when I felt as if my heart would break, but it was thanks to the doctors and all the staff that I was able look forward and continue.  To do this and being able to hug my baby was like a dream.  I’m truthfully thankful.  Thank you so much.  Raising a child is hard, but children are cute and a very important part of our lives.


■ Mrs. A
I received treatment at Oak Clinic in Sumiyoshi and got pregnant.  I was going there for a little over a year, and I am so thankful when I think about all the assistance and care I received from the doctors, nurses, embryologists, and reception staff during that time.  I will never forget all the encouragement and advice I received from everyone.  I think I should cherish the life endowed to me by the help of everyone!  Thank you so much!!


■ Mr. and Mrs. K
As for our infertility treatment, we were really taken care of so much, so thank you very much.  We didn't get pregnant, but while thinking that we shouldn't fret because there were so many emotions every day.  Even people like us with our questions and demands, in various ways we were really taken care of and the staff answered our concerns very politely when they were so busy.  Thanks to them, we got a baby girl this year.  I know that when we try for our second child that the doctor will take care of us again.  I hope to get the same service again in that case.


■ Mrs. S
I was passed my due date and I was admitted, labor was induced and while in labor the baby’s heart rate decreased and I had an emergency Cesarean section and it became quite the hard labor, but as I think about it now, I tried so hard at Oak Clinic in Sumiyoshi and finally that life came to me.  This is a feeling that exhausted all of my feelings.  I want to be able to say one day, “It was a very hard birth but dad and mom hoped and hoped for you to be born to us”.  Truly, we will never be able to run out of expressing our gratitude, starting with the doctors, and all of the staff.  Thank you very much.  I think that you will be taking care of us again soon.  I hope that you can.


■ Mrs. O
The injections everyday for the In Vitro Fertilization was hard, but the nurse would say to me, “Let’s do our best” and this became my encouragement.  To continue with the treatment, there was a time that I felt lost, but because I was told by the doctor, “You still have a chance so let’s try for the next one”, I was able to come this far.  It was good that I didn’t quit.  I am truly thankful for the doctors and all the staff.  Thank you so much.


■ Mrs. H
Thank you to the doctors, they really took good care of me.  Each single word of the doctor made me look forward.  I’m sincerely in gratitude.  Thank you to all the staff, who treated me so well with their smiles and kind service.


■ Mrs. T
I was uneasy after pregnancy was determined and when a little passed the fifth week I began bleeding and was admitted, but I am very grateful now to everyone and as a couple we have been holding back the joy. 
Infertility treatment is a tunnel with an exit that you cannot see.  As for me, there were many times when from the treatment I felt a great pressure and it was a hard time, feeling as though my heart would break.  I think that there are many who still suffer and require the strength of everyone.  Please take care of them.  Thank you very much for taking caring me in so many ways.  Now I am always praying that I can continue like this, that I can safely and healthily raise and bear a child.  Thank you.


■ Mrs. H
I didn’t think that I would be pregnant after transferring hospitals and my first period.  As a couple we are thankful and believe that this too is thanks to the doctors, nurses, and embryologists.  Thank you very much.  There were a lot of hard times in the 3 years after we started the infertility treatment, but we realized the importance of life.  Finally the precious life blessed to us is safely born and I want to hold that baby.  If I safely give birth, I would like to carefully raise my child never forgetting the life bestowed to me thanks to all of you.  I think it must be a very hard job to be operating 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, but for all of those patients who are hoping and trying hard for a baby please take care of your body and do your best!  Thank you so much.


■ Mrs. M
Thank you so much.  I was able to withstand the horrible treatment and self-injections thanks to the all the staff who encouraged me because it is for my child’s life.  Finally I got pregnant and I was truly happy.  When my eggs were harvested the nurse who was so cheery and served me so nicely, was very reassuring to me.  Thank you so much!  I will do my best to safely bear a healthy child.  I support you all in your efforts so that many couples can get pregnant.


■ Mrs. Y
I gave birth to a baby girl, and now she is healthy and I’m raising her just fine. 
I watched on TV when Dr. Taguchi made an appearance, and also read the book she wrote and I decided to go to Oak Clinic in Sumiyoshi, because I thought that if I could be with Dr. Taguchi then I could definitely try my best and look forward. 
Infertility treatment is a mental battle, but I re-read the doctor’s book many times and I became able to think in a positive way.  If I didn’t meet her, I might still be in fret about my infertility.  I am very grateful that I am able to hug my child.  I’m sure that you must be busy everyday, but please do your best as a savior to all.



Thank You Letters from Our Patients


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