Endometrial regeneration PRP therapy
~For those who have difficulty achieving endometrium thickness and health~

What is PRP therapy ?

What is PRP therapy

PRP therapy is a type of regenerative medicine that uses platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood. In recent years, it has been used for dentistry and joint treatment.
At our hospital, PRP is injected into the uterus of patients who have difficulty achieving endometrial thickness.

Various growth factors contained in PRP are used to promote the growth of the endometrium.
The treatment method of injecting PRP into the uterus corresponds to advanced
Type 2 Regenerative Medicine(*1)
Our hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for PRP therapy on March 29, 2019 for the purpose of treating patients' infertility.
At this time (as of May 2019), facilities that can administer PRP therapy are extremely rare in Japan.

*1 For more information, see the Law Concerning Ensuring the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc. Article 2-6

Principle of PRP Therapy

Principle of PRP Therapy

The main component of PRP is platelets.
Platelets are a component contained in blood and have the function of stopping bleeding, for example when a finger is cut.
In addition, platelets contain various cell growth factors such as Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor (VEGF), Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).
When these components are released in the wound, cell proliferation in the wound increases, and the wound heals faster.

When PRP is injected into the uterus, these growth factors are released in the uterus.
As a result, cell growth is promoted in the endometrium, and the endometrium hopefully becomes thicker.
The thicker the endometrium, the easier it is for the transplanted embryo to implant, so the chance pregnancy rises considerably.

Who Should Receive This Therapy?

You may be a good candidate for PRP Therapy if:

  • You have had to cancel your embryo transfer because your endometrium did not reach 7mm despite medication
  • You have been diagnosed with endometrial dysgenesis

*However, even if the above items are true, treatment may not be possible at the discretion of the doctor for the safety of the patient, such as when the platelet count is below the standard.
*Please contact us for details.


Item Before Tax Including Tax
PRP therapy
Those already doing IVF at our clinic ¥80,000 ¥88,000
Other than the above
*Required in addition
to the above charges
Technology Fee ¥40,000 ¥44,000
Out-of-hospital patient
management fee
*Fee for each examination
¥10,000 ¥11,000
Fee to cancel after blood
has been collected
Those already doing IVF at our clinic ¥20,000 ¥22,000
Other than the above ¥40,000 ¥44,000

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
*Prices including tax are listed based on the obligation to display the total amount.
The real amount at the time of accounting may be different.