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Tests at Oak Clinic


At Oak Clinic’s Male Infertility Clinic, we are doing many things such as questionnaires, inspections, palpations, semen tests and hormone tests.



In regards to past illnesses and present sexual activities, also we will confirm to see that there are not any conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or a sexless condition.



We will check the testicular capacity by use of the orchidometer (testicular model made from plastic) and ultrasound, and we will check for palpable epididymitis and varicoceles.


Semen Test

We will collect the semen (we will collect the sample by means of masturbation), and then check for the number of sperm and the rate of motility.

Semen Reference Value

Volume of Semen— ≧2.0ml

Concentration of Sperm— ≧20 million⁄1ml

Sperm Motility Rate— ≧50%

Fast Linear Sperm— ≧25%

Regular Morphology Rate of Sperm— ≧15%

Leukocyte (white blood cell)— <1 million⁄1ml


MAKLER® COUNTING CHAMBER: We will use it to measure the number of sperm in the semen and the measurement of the sperm’s motility.


Urine Sperm Test

At the time we do the semen test and in the case that we find the volume of semen is low, or when we find that semen does not come out, then after ejaculating we will take a urine sample and check to see that the sperm is not doing a back flow into the bladder.  In the case where we find a number of sperm within the urine that it will be judged as “retrograde ejaculation”.


Hormone Test

Depending on the blood test, we will measure things such as the male hormone (free testosterone), follicle stimulation hormone (FSH), leuteinization hormone (LH), and prolactin (PRL). 
In the case of abnormalities with the spermatogenesis of the testicles, we will lower the level of testosterone in the blood, and raise the FSH and LH.  With the abnormalities in the value of FSH will be spermatogenic dysfunction, and in the case where there is a high value of PRL, then there is a chance of hypothalamus and pituitary disease.




In the case that you would like an examination, after your inquiry, please come during the male infertility clinic hours. 

Please check here for the examination hours.

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