Long-term Culture, Blastocyst Culture

This is the method of transfer and cryopreservation of the developed embryo and blastocyst after OPU and culturing to Day 4, 7. We will be able to remove the embryos that stop splitting in the early term and strictly sort the good embryos.

The zygote will repeat the cell division and will continue to develop. By Day 3˜ 4, the number of cells will increase each time the cell divides, and the size of one cell will become smaller. After that, groups of cells will adhere to one another, and when it goes through the state of compaction where the surfaces of the cell are connected then it will become the blastocyst. Because the nutrients that are necessary for the early embryo and the embryo and blastocyst that occur after compaction will differ, when it comes to long-term culture, we will change the culture solution on the 3rd day.

Day 0 Oocyte Pick-Up
Conventional IVF or ICSI Fertilization
Day 1 Pronuclear Period Pronuclear Period
Pyruvic acid is
the source of energy
of the early embryo

Culture Solution
including much pyruvic acid

Organization close
to the fallopian
tubal fluid of people
Day 2   採卵・媒精又はICSI
  Period of Cell Division 採卵・媒精又はICSI
Day 3   採卵・媒精又はICSI
Day 4 Compaction

In the case of people
it will become a compaction
after 16 cells and the energy
source will change to glucose
Culture Solution including
much glucose
Organization close to the uterus.
Day 5 Blastocyst

Early Blastocyst
Early Blastocyst
Expanded Blastocyst Expanded Blastocyst
  Hatched Blastocyst Hatched Blastocyst
  Implantation & Pregnancy