Fertility Treatment & Diet

Do you know about the metabolic syndrome? Recently, we often see or hear about it in magazines and on television. It’s talking about the fat attached to internal organs that becomes the cause to lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis. One might think that this is just “a story for middle-aged over-weight men”. But even in the case of a young woman, it has been made clear that obesity is a cause of menstrual irregularities.

The fat cells make a protein called adiponectin, but this protein is helping the action of insulin. However, once one becomes fat, we found that the secretion of adiponectin from the enlarged fat cells is reduced, leading to hardening of the arteries. In a recent study as well, we have found that when adiponectin is reduced in obesity, the ovary’s skin becomes thick, the oocyte may not grow well and it will become difficult to ovulate.

In conclusion, obesity is the cause of “menstrual irregularities” and “infertility”.


Therefore, in our clinic, we will recommend a diet first to those with ovulation disorder accompanied by obesity. Additionally, even if you get pregnant as obese, it is trouble. You cannot diet while pregnant. However, fat still attached to the birth canal will lead to dystocia (difficult birth). For example, even if a cesarean section is done, if the fat is thick the wound will not heal well, and complications such as thrombosis is likely to occur.。

You become infertile by obesity, and even if you get pregnant and let’s assume the risk is high, well then what is best way to diet? We cannot recommend your own self-made diet. This is because in a self-made diet, just as there is a lack of the necessary nutrients causing rough skin, even if you lose weight it is often that rather the state of ovulation will worsen.

It is very easy to say with words that it is a healthy diet. “I will stop snacking, have a well balanced meal that fills only 80% of my stomach, and everyday I’ll walk the one train stop’s distance….” If you do it like this, you will most certainly lose weight. However, we all know that in actuality it will not last long.

In fact, as well as medically we have found things like the following. The fat cells secrete a hormone called leptin that increases energy consumption and suppresses the appetite. However, obesity weakens the function of leptin. Because of this, appetite cannot be suppressed, energy consumption decreases becoming a vicious cycle. Additionally, depending on the type of gene, there are also bodies that are predisposed to gaining weight.

That is why a medically-prescribed program is necessary, even if for a short time, in order to healthily lose weight. In our clinic we have developed a treatment program (Oak Diet) under medical supervision, which will deliver safe results in a short-term. In the Oak Diet, it is made from low calories and one hardly notices the feeling of hunger and moreover, doesn’t lack any necessary nutrients. So, it’s a diet that can produce results rather easily so to speak. To describe the short period of time, it will take 2 months to align with the maintenance period and the rapid weight loss period, but in the meantime it is suppressed in the rebound and you will ideally lose weight. Rather than one’s self-made diet, after weight is controlled with a medical diet treatment like this, then it is recommended to receive treatment for infertility.

【Real life example】

Patient A was admitted with infertility. She already had problems with ovulation, her menstrual cycle was irregular and she only had one period in a time of half of a year to a year. At the time of her first examination her last period was one year ago. She was well obese at 165 cm tall, weighing 81.5 kg, her waist line at 106 cm. For that, we first started her on the Oak Diet, and after two months we had successful weight loss of 14 kg, making her 67.5 kg. Soon her ovulation was restored to normal, and then she naturally got pregnant.

Oak Diet Program


Even for those who are extremely motivated, finding a diet that truly works can be a nearly impossible task. Some diets may be effective with enough willpower, but may also have undesirable side effects like rough skin or irregular menstruation.
With the Oak Diet, we help you to take good care of your body while also dieting as effectively as possible, and medication can be used under doctor’s supervision to ensure this.
The first four weeks of the program are the “intensive diet session” that helps you to lose a medically significant amount of weight over a short period, and then the second four weeks prevent rebounding through maintenance. While the ideal situation is to lose weight slowly over around half a year through gradual diet and exercise, that is not always doable and for some patients, a short time scale works better.

VLCD(Very Low Calorie Diet)

「In the "Intensive Diet Session" of four weeks, fasting therapy is performed, supervised by medical personnel with outpatient management. Lacking enough energy, vitamins, and nutrients is not good for your health and beauty, so we supply you with medication and nutritional supplements to support your body during this difficult time.

Appetite Suppressant

Appetite cannot be easily controlled by the power of will alone. Even for very strong people it can be challenging. We will help you by temporarily using medication to help your body get used to a low-calorie diet. While gradually returning to the general diet, we will taper off the appetite suppressant.

Fat absorption inhibitor

When taken with meals, this medication prevents fat from being absorbed into the body.

Metabolism Enhancer

Burns fat by increasing metabolism. To avoid straining the circulatory and endocrine systems, ephedrine and thyroid hormones are not used and not recommended. Instead, our program uses Chinese herbs that improve metabolism more gently.

Charges (Under normal circumstances)

  Price Before Tax With Tax
Medication Fee
Appetite suppressant 8 weeks Fat absorption inhibitor
6 weeks Metabolism enhancer 6 weeks
¥30,280 ¥33,308
Preprepared meal fee ¥81,760 ¥88,300
Testing fee:
Blood test, Body measurement, Pregnancy test
¥25,340 ¥27,874
Total 137,380 149,482

※¥150,000 must be prepaid before starting the diet program. This is a deposit. The final bill will be settled after.
※Actual fees for medication, meals, etc. may vary depending on the doctor’s judgment.
※Prices are subject to change without notice.
※Prices including tax are listed based on the obligation to display the total amount. Actual amounts may vary at the time of bill settlement.

Program Contents

1. First Visit

At the first visit, there is an interview, a BMI measurement, a frequency impedance fat measurement, a measurement of various body parts, a blood pressure measurement, and a blood sample taken to assess electrolytes, liver function, kidney function, and serum lipids.

2. Intensive Session

Semi-fasting therapy is undertaken with a VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) with assistance of appetite suppressants. Patient visits regularly (about every 2 weeks) for new measurements to be taken.

3. Maintenance Period

Gradually, the patient returns to an ordinary lifestyle. Prescription of appetite suppressant, fat absorption suppressant, metabolism enhancer (prescription changes as needed) BMI and body fat percentage are measured every 2 weeks.

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