Pioneer of infertility treatment. Covering the needs of infertility from various tests 
to IVF/ICSI’s Advanced Reproductive Technologies.

〔Sumiyoshi&Ginza〕Reproduction Center

We are introducing state-of-the-art technology and have installed a reproduction center dealing with advanced reproductive medicine.  In April of 2007, we extended the In Vitro Fertilization Lab to two rooms, and ensured that the capacity can support up to 20 OPU per day.


Message from the Nurse


In an effort to make it so that the married couple subjected to IVF can relax even just a little bit; we have a variety of considerations.  For example, we offer a room for your husband to give his sperm, and a recovery room for your relaxation after egg collection(OPU) and embryo transplant(ET).

We offer a private room for the patients a long ways from home who wish to stay over night from the previous day.  In the hotel grade room, we offer a bath, toilet, TV, a refrigerator, as well as towels.  You may also stay over after surgeries of egg collection(OPU) and embryo transplant(ET).
(This service is only Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi.)

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In addition, if you have older children, we can look after them for you.  If you make a reservation before hand, our nursery staff will tend to your child in the kids room, “The Orchid Room”.
(This service is only Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi.)




Our features ( Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi )


We are pleased to be offering a consistent medical system from infertility treatment until the 36th week of pregnancy.  In addition, we are practicing with a focus on the pregnancy age period; there is an incalculable merit to the featuring of gynecology and obstetrics.  For example, in the case where ovarian tumors and uterine fibroids are found, it will first be considered as pregnancy, and treatment and surgery can be performed.


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In addition, the goal of infertility treatment is not pregnancy.  The true goal is to give birth safely and to go home with a healthy baby in your arms.  Even if you do get pregnant, there is also a risk of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.  We have the hospital facilities for obstetrics and we can help you at night and even on holidays with bleeding in the first trimester.  Also, we are performing prenatal diagnoses of ultrasound tests and amniocentesis and the quarto test, and we can manage the pregnancy with a responsible attitude.  We will introduce the facility to handle the birth after we have done the examination that we are responsible for beyond the critical point when you are at the 36th week of pregnancy when you are at more peace of mind.


In April of 2007, Oak Clinic in Sumiyoshi stopped handling child birth and reopened as a specialized facility of advanced infertility treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  But the truth is that it was a great pleasure for us to know each child from their start as an egg until their birth.  There have also been times where we ourselves the staff have been moved to tears at the birth of a child after having many In Vitro Fertilizations and because we know the appearance of the couple who have tried so hard.  The pregnant lady with her big belly is just one form of yourself.  Please do not think that Infertility treatment is hard.  Infertility treatment is a desired treatment.



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Oak Medical Group has been from the time we opened, supporting the many issues of women's health, building performance and trust, and not only here in Osaka, but centering in Kansai we are receiving patients from across Japan.
Especially with our infertility treatment, we are widely covering the various tests to IVF/ICSI's Advanced Reproductive Technologies.  Depending on the cause of the infertility, we are handling the treatment of each patient one by one.  If you have some concerns, please don't hesitate to consult with us.