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〔Sumiyoshi&Ginza〕Endometrial Receptivity Analysis(ERA) Guidance

■ What is ERA(Endometrial Receptivity Analysis)?

ERA is a test to determine at what point in time the endometrium is most receptive for a successful implantation.
It checks the genetic level, and whether or not the endometrium is receptive to implantation, on the day of the embryo transfer, when transferring a frozen-thawed blastocyst. Sometimes, even when the endometrium is purposely put in a possible condition for implantation after repeated cases of implantation failure, it is not optimal at a genetic level.
❈During the test cycle, there will be no transfers. We will only do the test.
❈Previously the test was performed 2 times, but now with just 1 test, the condition of the endometrium will be known. (In order to get precise test results, sometimes we might do a retest after changing the time frame that the endometiral tissue is taken.)


1) Test Method

We will use the same medicine that is used in the hormone support cycle timed just like a thawed embryo transfer.


1. Thawed Embryo Transfer Cases

  1. (1) Estrogen will be taken from Day 2 of menstruation.
  2. (2) We will check the thickness of the endometrium around Day 12 of menstruation (those far away, may be omitted).
  3. (3) Progesterone use will begin and on Day 5 of use, endometrial tissue sample will be taken and sent away for the test.


2. Natural Cycle Cases

After ovulation is confirmed, on the 5th day endometrial cell tissues will be collected and submitted for testing.


2) Test Results

ERA(Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) Test Results

2-3 weeks will be needed until the test results are ready.


3) Regarding Endometrial Tissue Retrieval

The procedure will take about 5 minutes. In most cases it will be done without anesthesia. It is not necessary to stop eating before this procedure. However, because there may be pain associated with the insertion of the curette, the procedure can be done under a local anesthetic.

Regarding Endometrial Tissue Retrieval

If there is pain at the time of tissue sampling, it is the kind of pain expected during menstruation and will only be for an instant. For patients who have low tolerance to pain, the dispensing of pain killers will be considered by patient request through consultation. Additionally it is very rare, but a general anesthesia (intravenous) is sometimes requested. It is possible to handle this request, but because fasting and pretreatment is necessary, please let us know beforehand if you strongly want this treatment. A separate fee is needed for anesthesia and pretreatment.
On the day of the procedure a shower is permissible (taking bath is restricted).
Additionally, PLEASE DO NOT engage in sexual activities on the day of procedure.

4) Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) Costs

Patients having IVF done at our clinic All other Patients
¥117,880 ¥217,880
  • In cases when a 2nd ERA is done for precise test results, the prices will be as follows: ¥95,070 for patients doing IVF at Oak Clinic, ¥195,070 for other patients.
  • Costs of medicine, ultrasound, other tests are done at a separate cost.
  • Costs are subject to change without notice.
  • Displayed costs are all without tax.


About Retesting Due to Inadequate Sample

As for the ERA test, sometimes it will be necessary to retest due to an inadequate sample because it is very difficult to collect a good sample. If a retest is necessary due to inadequate sample the test fee will be free, but please understand that we will still have to charge for the medicine.


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