Treatment at Our Clinic when There are Abnormalities in Sperm

First of all, with the spermatogenesis abnormalities of a moderate degree, with improvements to the body there are many times when there are recoveries. Actually, depending on the patient’s health, we often experience the number of sperm becoming around to 1⁄10th of that. As for the judgement of the reference value of sperm, we will adopt the best value, but more often than not there are many times we find the case where the first time was good and then after that it was bad for many times, and in that case there can be a recovery by improving the body’s condition. As for life, in accordance with it becoming worse, reduced ability from the part concerned with individual maintenance will occur. Of course, there is also stress from work, and you might think it’s difficult, but for those who are tired, it is important to start with the improvement of everyday life.


Other than that, medicine can also have an effect on the sperm. Propecia, Tigason, Anti-cancer meds and the like are known. For the morphology of sperm, the male hormone is necessary, but Propecia is an anti-male hormone drug and will prevent the formation of sperm. Tigason is a medicine of dermatology and has teratogenicity (known to cause malformations), and therefore while you are taking it, it would not be wise to get pregnant. Since it takes around 70 days for the formation of sperm, in order to start the treatment you will need about 3 months time after you finish the medicine. Anti-cancer medicines are generally those that will cause damage to the body. Action mechanisms are various, but because the toxicity to the tumor is more than the toxicity to the body, and intentionally it is the medicine that is used for the treatment. For those who will be taking anti-cancer medicines, we strongly suggest the cryopreservation of your sperm beforehand.

As other medicines, we can give you things like steroids, salazopyrin (the medicine of ulcerative bowel disease), anti-ulcer drug, narcotics, and alcohol.