For first time fertility treatment patients

Process of Fertility Treatment

1. At the First Visit

Based on the couple – their ages, previous fertility condition, and their wishes – we will make a special individual plan.

2. General testing

After performing a general infertility test (hormone test, hysterosalpingography test, semen test, Huhner test, ultrasonography, etc.), we will review the medical treatment plan again.

If there are no special abnormalities, the rough guideline for treatment is as follows, but naturally the wishes of the couple will take precedence.


3. After completing 3 to 6 times of timing method or artificial insemination (AIH)

Consider stepping up to In-vitro fertilization.

Regarding Male Infertility:



If you are a first-time visitor, you can receive a consultation without making an appointment, but if you contact us by phone or email in advance, the reception will be smoother, especially if you require a language other than Japanese.
If you wish to receive a medical examination without prior notice, please bring your health insurance card and come during the medical treatment reception hours. Please check the information page of each clinic for the consultation hours. If you are not sure whether there is an English-speaking doctor in, please contact English Help Desk first.

About Inquiries

It’s natural to have concerns when you start fertility treatment. We accept phone and email inquiries from anyone who is considering treatment at our hospital. Whether you have questions about fees, policies, treatments, etc. please reach out anytime. Experienced specialists at the help desk can assist you at no charge.

English Help Desk


【Reception time】
Tuesday~Saturday  09:00~17:00

About the Questionnaire

You can download (print) the questionnaire on the information page of each clinic. If you fill it out before your visit and bring it with you when you come to the hospital, the reception will be smoother.