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Message from Yoshihiro Tada, MD.


By all means come for a visit with your husband.

You want a child with your partner but you can't,
You have a child and think you'd like to give them siblings but you are a couple that can't,
You might have infertility.

Infertility is not only a woman's problem; men are also shown to account for 30% of the cases.
As for the cause of men, there are many cases of where the sperm's condition is bad, but other than that there is also erectile dysfunction.
Even if your condition is looked at because the fact that even though you already have a child, and there are not really any signs showing, there are cases where the sperm is getting worse than what one may think it is.
Other than that there are other cases where men are the cause of the infertility.

Infertility treatment is a three-loocyteed race.
We are equipped with Men's Infertility Unit for outpatient, so please come with your wife to the examination.
The men's examination includes a sperm check, examination and a blood sample.

Please feel free to visit us.
We will try our best to help you.