Oac Clinic, Umeda

Time table


【Infertility ⁄ Obstetrics ⁄ Gynecology ⁄ Prenatal Checkup ⁄ Diet】

  Morning Practice
Afternoon Practice
Night Practice
  1 Policy Decision❈ 1 Policy Decision❈ 1 Policy Decision❈
Mon. Dr.Funabiki Dr.Taguchi - - Dr.Taguchi
(Rotation Schedule)
Tue. Dr.Karita
Dr.Iwaki Dr.Karita Dr.Hayashi Dr.Karita Dr.Tada
Wed. Dr.Iwaki Dr.Taguchi - - Dr. Iwaki -
Thu. Dr.Funabiki Dr.Iwaki - - Dr.Funabiki Dr.Tada
Fri. Dr.Karita Dr.Taguchi - - Dr.Karita -
Sat. Dr.Funabiki
(Rotation Schedule)
(Rotation Schedule)
- - - -
☐Morning Practice : 10:00˜13:00     ☐Afternoon Practice : 14:30˜16:30
Night Practice : 17:00˜19:00

❈ Online video call for IVF and oocyte cryopreservation.

•Please be aware that the doctor on duty may change without notice.

•In the case of an emergency surgery, it may be necessary for us to cancel the practice hours.

•There are no practice hours on holidays.



An appointment is required only for patients that are wishing for Diet Counseling.

Please schedule the appointment by telephone.

Appointment Line:   06-6348-1511




Oak Medical Group has been from the time we opened, supporting the many issues of women's health, building performance and trust, and not only here in Osaka, but centering in Kansai we are receiving patients from across Japan.
Especially with our infertility treatment, we are widely covering the various tests to IVF/ICSI's Advanced Reproductive Technologies.  Depending on the cause of the infertility, we are handling the treatment of each patient one by one.  If you have some concerns, please don't hesitate to consult with us.