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Vaginal Discharge·Itchiness, Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD)

Vaginal Discharge·Itchiness

In the case where the color, amount and odor are different, there might be a possibility of inflammation or infection and it is recommended to have a screening.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD)

There are many kinds of STD’s.  There are various symptoms depending on the disease, such as the state and color of the vaginal discharge, lower abdominal and back and vulvar itchiness.  Even if the symptoms are poor for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, we recommend to get a consultation as soon as possible because these are diseases that if are left alone can cause infertility.

Please note that based on your health care provider, it may not be covered by insurance.  In particular please note that screening tests will be self-treated.

We do not provide STD/STI checks for single men.

Cost (Consultation) (As of April 1, 2018)

The following sets have been made and are available upon request.


  Test details Cost
Set A Microbial Judgement fee
Speculum, Chlamydia (Cervical·throat), Neisseria gonorrhea (cervical· throat)
Set AA Microbial Judgement fee
Chlamydia (throat), Neissearia gonorrhea (throat)
Set B Immunity fee, Blood collection fee
Syphilis, HIV
Set C Immunity fee, Blood collection fee
Set D Microbial Judgement fee, Immunity fee, Blood collection fee
Speculum, Chlamydia(cervial· throat), Neisseria gonorrhea (cervical· throat), Syphilis, HIV
Set DX Microbial Judgement fee, Immunity fee, Blood collection fee
Speculum, Chlamydia (cervical· throat), Neisseria gonorrhea (cervical· throat), Syphilis. HIV, HB, HCV, HTLV-1


Individual Item and cost


Immunity fee
Blood collection fee
Syphilis ¥470
HIV ¥1,180
HB (Hepatitis B) ¥290
HCV (Hepatitis C) ¥1,110
(Adult T-cell leukemia)
Herpes antibody
(Simple Herpes)
Chlamydia antibody ¥2,060
Microbial Judgement fee
Cervical mucus collection
Speculum ¥610
Chlamydia (Cervical) ¥2,040
Chlamydia (Throat) ¥2,040
Gonorrhea (Cervical) ¥2,040
Gonorrhea (Throat) ¥2,040



❈There is a first time fee of ¥2,820, and after that it is ¥780 each time.

❈The prices listed are the prices without taxes.

❈Prices are subject to change without notice.

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