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Prenatal Diagnosis


The prenatal diagnosis is used to examine the fetus within the womb and to see whether or not there are any diseases caused by chromosomal and gene abnormalities before the birth takes place.  It is said that, commonly there are a few percent of newborns that are born with congenital disease.  Even among them, because chromosome abnormalities are easily affected by the age of the pregnant woman, and in pregnancies over the age of 35 the risk is higher, there has been an increase of worried married couples coming in to our clinic. 

At our clinic, you can relax and have your pregnancy here, and in order for you to have the birth in the perfect system, you can have a prenatal examination.  As a test for chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down’s syndrome), we have the “Quattro Test”, which has high reliability, and “Amniocentesis”, which is less invasive.   There are several types of prenatal testing, and for each one the time to do the test and the method of test is different.

Not all abnormalities can be seen in a prenatal testing, but by doing the examination there is a high probability that you will find a congenital disease.  If you are anxious or worried about congenital disease please consult with us.



Prenatal Diagnosis you can have at Oak Clinic