Clinic Information

Doctor’s Schedules

IVF, Oocyte freezing, general fertility treatment, male infertility

Reception hours*1
Monday-Friday Morning 9:00~13:00
Afternoon 15:00~16:30
Evening*2 17:00~19:00
Saturday*3 Morning 9:00~13:00
Afternoon 15:00~16:00
Sundays & Holidays Closed
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Dr.Matubara Dr.Matubara Dr.Tada Dr.Tada Dr.Tada*
Afternoon Dr.Matubara Dr.Tada Dr.Tada Dr.Tada Dr.Tada*
Evening Dr.Matubara Dr.Tada Dr.Matubara Dr.Tada Dr.Tada*
Reception content General Infertility、IVF、First Infertility、IVF Counseling、Male Infertility, Others

*1 Consultation reception hours and consultation hours are different.
*2 For insured treatments, patients are required to bear the cost of the treatment in addition to a designated care reservation fee.
*3 For insured treatments, patients are required to bear the cost of the treatment in addition to an after-hours designated care fee.

* Doctors marked with an * are on a rotation system and vary weekly.

  • Changes may occur without prior notice.
  • Consultation hours differ depending on the attending physician, so please make an appointment before seeing a doctor.
  • You can choose your attending physician.

Online Consultation

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Dr.Funabiki
Dr. Imoto
Dr.Hayashi Dr.Funabiki
Dr. Imoto*
Dr. Yamamoto*
PM Dr.Hayashi Dr.Taguchi
Dr. Imoto
Dr.Funabiki Dr.Taguchi
Dr. Yamamoto*
Night(PM) - Dr.Taguchi
- Dr.Funabiki - - -
  • Subject to change without notice.
  • The consultation hours vary depending on the doctor in charge, so please make an appointment before visiting.
  • You can specify your doctor.

Outpatient Information

  • Each type of outpatient clinic is overseen by a specific doctor.
  • You can get this kind of care online.
Doctor Subspecialty*
Dr. Sagiri Taguchi(Osaka & Tokyo) Counseling, genetic diagnosis
Dr. Miyako Funabiki(Osaka & Tokyo) Counseling
Dr. Yoshihiro Tada(Osaka Only) Surgery, male infertility
Dr. Norko Watanabe(Tokyo Only) Male infertility
Dr. Teruaki Iwamoto(Tokyo Only) Male infertility
Dr. Kazumitsu Yamasaki(Tokyo Only) Male infertility

*Each doctor’s area of expertise covers more than their specialty.

Guidance for Consultation

Patients of Oak Association

When visiting our facility, we kindly ask that you make a reservation by phone.

For those who are visiting our clinic for the first time

First-time patients can be seen even without a reservation, but contacting us in advance by phone or email makes the reception process smoother.
If you decide to visit without prior contact, please bring your insurance card and come within the consultation reception hours.

For those who are consulting for the first time, a medical questionnaire is required.
We have prepared it so that you can fill it out in advance at home, please use it.
When visiting, please fill out the "General Medical Questionnaire" and the questionnaire for the department you are consulting and bring them with you.

English Help Desk


【Reception time】
Tuesday~Saturday  09:00~17:00

To patients with children

We sincerely apologize, but for safety reasons, we kindly ask that children do not enter the examination room area.
We have childcare professionals available to care for them, so we kindly request that you use the childcare room (Orchid Room).
Although there is a fee, there are times when the service is offered for free.
For reservations, inquiries about fees, and other questions, please contact the front desk or call us.

*Please note that depending on the reservation situation, the service may not be available. We appreciate your understanding.