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〔Sumiyoshi&Ginza〕Oocyte Cryopreservation

At our clinic, we are performing cryopreservation of oocytes on unmarried women.
We have cultivated among those undergoing infertility treatment, a long performance in the preservation administration of the frozen oocytes that have passed a long-term, cultivated and freezing technology. 
If you are thinking about what you can prepare now for what to provide for the future pregnancies, please consult us.


【The process of Oocyte Freezing】

1. Ovulation Induction In order to oocyte pick up with efficiency, we are growing multiple oocytes by use of internal medicine and injections.  There is also the method not using ovulation induction at all, and just to wait for the natural growth of the oocytes.
2. Oocyte Pick-Up We collect the oocytes by inserting a needle into the ovaries. (It is similar to an easy operation that can be done as a “1 Day Procedure”.)
3. Cryopreservation From the Super fast vitrification preservation method, we will do the cryopreservation in the liquid nitrogen.


< State of Oocyte Freezing˜ Thawing >

Image of Oocyte before freezing


Image of Dehydrated·Concentrated Oocyte


Image of Oocyte recovered after thawing

Oocyte before freezing

Dehydrated·Concentrated Oocyte

Oocyte recovered after thawing


【Cost of Oocyte Freezing】

Item Item Details
Ovulation Induction, Ultrasound test, Examination, Blood test, etc. From approx ¥30,000~ Includes the price of GnRHa (Buserecur) for the OPU prep., and ovulation induction hormone (price varies depending on the brand).
Oocyte Pick-Up (OPU)
(Prices are set in stages depending on how many oocytes are harvested.)
¥60,000 Up to 2 oocytes

In addition to the above, plus

¥5,000 each.

From 3˜ 10 oocytes

In addition to the above, plus
¥2,500 each.

11 or more oocytes

Oocyte Freezing Technical Process Charge

¥3,000 × Cryotop ❈1

Frozen Oocyte Preservation Fee

Monthly costs will vary by the amount of oocytes and the time period.
Prices for the cryopreservation of oocytes are listed here >>

Frozen Oocyte Thawing Fee ❈2

¥20,000 / Cryotop

Extension Fee

¥4,000 / per time

❈1) 3 oocytes can be stored on 1 cryotop.

❈2) Thawing will be done with 1 cryotop unit.

❈¥60,000 will still be charged even if you try the OPU and we couldn’t harvest.

❈¥40,000 will still be charged even if you cancel the OPU because we still have to prepare the culture fluids from the day before.

❈The displayed prices are all shown without tax.
❈Please understand that costs are subject to change without notice.



If you apply for oocyte freezing, then we will collect a deposit from you.
This deposit amount will vary depending on the protocol.

Deposit ¥190,000~ ¥350,000

In regards to full refunds when the deposit is paid with a credit card.
As for refunds after the statement cutoff date, we will receive a 5% handling fee.


Consideration: Procedural Flow of Pregnancy by Frozen Oocytes

1. Thawing of frozen oocytes, sperm collection → 2. In vitro fertilization →

3. Embryo transfer → 4. Pregnancy

❈Separate cost is necessary.





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