Pioneer of infertility treatment. Covering the needs of infertility from various tests 
to IVF/ICSI’s Advanced Reproductive Technologies.

For first time fertility treatment patients

Check-up Guidance


Please come during practice hours with your insurance card for your initial consultation. 


For first time clinic visit patients
English Service

At Oak Clinic we are accepting first time consultations by email for patients who are considering to visit us for the first time.


If it is a serious or urgent matter related to treatment please call us between: 
Monday thru Friday 10:00~16:00, and Saturday 10:00~13:00.
Telephone: 070 1820 0909

For all other inquiries please email us.



Initial Visit


A treatment plan will be made based on the age and period of infertility, and desires of the patient (couple).



After General Infertility Test Completion


In your first cycle after completing the general infertility test (hormone test, hystero-salpingography, semen test, Huhner test, and ultrasonography), your treatment plan will be revised.


As a rough guide it will be like below, but in principle we will try to meet the needs of the couple.





After trying the Timing Method or Artificial insemination (AIH) 3~6 times.


After trying the Timing Method or Artificial insemination (AIH) 3~6 times, we will consider to step up to IVF.



Cases of Male Infertility




>> Please look at the Male Infertility Special Page for more details about male infertility.




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Oak Medical Group has been from the time we opened, supporting the many issues of women's health, building performance and trust, and not only here in Osaka, but centering in Kansai we are receiving patients from across Japan.
Especially with our infertility treatment, we are widely covering the various tests to IVF/ICSI's Advanced Reproductive Technologies.  Depending on the cause of the infertility, we are handling the treatment of each patient one by one.  If you have some concerns, please don't hesitate to consult with us.