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Prenatal Checkup

Prenatal Schedule


As for prenatal care, because we can check to see if the pregnancy is going well and discover any abnormalities early within the pregnancy, it is a very important check up for the mother and the child.  Patients will be able to visit in intervals on a regular basis, as the following.
Check-ups are by appointment only.

Until the sight of the fetal heart rate in the uterus Once per week

After the fetal heart rate is seen


1 time/ 2weeks, or
1 time/ 1 week
After the 12th week of pregnancy 1/ month


Basic Health Exams for pregnant women
Other tests according to the number of weeks
3 months ˜11th week 1 time per week,
1 time per 2 weeks
•Blood Pressure Check
•Urine Analysis
•Transvaginal Ultrasound

(8˜11 weeks)
•Early Pregnancy Blood Test

•Cervical Cell

4 months 12th week 1 time per 4 weeks

•Measurement of Abdominal Circumference and Fundal height

•Doppler Method Ultrasound (Fetal Heart Check)

•Internal Check-up

•Ultrasound (Fetal Measurement)

•Ultrasound (Cervical Length Measurement)

5 months 16th week •Rubella Antibody
6 months 20th week •Ultrasound (Doctor)

To the patients who have a Pregnant Woman General Health Check-up Consultation Certificate.


About the Cost

Prenatal care is a self-practice, health insurance does not apply. 
However, in the event some symptoms should arise (such as a threatened miscarriage) the charges involved with the treatment and examination will be covered by insurance.


Basic Prenatal Examinations


Until the 11th week 6th day of pregnancy

Urine Analysis · Weight · Blood Pressure Check· Ultrasound

Early pregnancy to 11th week 6th day of
Pregnancy= ¥3,500


12th week to 21th week 6th day of pregnancy
(Consultation at Oak Clinic Sumiyoshi)

Urine · Weight · Blood Pressure Check

Measurement of Abdominal Circumference and Fundal height
Doppler Method Ultrasound (Fetal Heart Check) · Internal Check-up
Ultrasound (Fetal Measurement)
Ultrasound (Cervical Length Measurement)
❈The 12 weeks ultrasound will be done in the ultrasound room (Your guests may observe as well).

12th week to 21th week 6th day of pregnancy= ¥10,000



To the patients who have a Pregnant Women General Health Check-up Consultation Certificate

As for the Pregnant Woman General Health Check-up Consultation Certificate, that was issued at the same time as the Mother and Child Health Handbook, it may be applied to use at the time of the prenatal care of the week number of interest.  Fill out the necessary information in advance and submit it to the receptionist the day on which it to be used.  Please note that since things such as the number of visit votes changes depending on the city, that you should contact the government office of your residence to find out the specific details.