Doctor's Message

Message from Sagiri Taguchi, MD.

Dr. Taguchi

I was also infertile.

I was married for about a year when it happened.
It was very difficult to get pregnant and because of this and half as a joke I examined my husband's sperm. Looking through the microscope in the examination room I found that there were hardly any sperm at all.
Usually it is expected that there should be hundreds of sperm but there were only a few struggling to swim around. My husband just had a very poor sperm count.

I don't know whether it's true or not, but there is a jinx that says doctors will become afflicted with the illnesses of their specialty...
My specialty was "infertility caused by anti-sperm antibodies".
I thought it was unbelievable, but it was clear based on the evidence before my eyes.

From this day my own infertility treatment began.
It was treatment at my own work place but everyday my schedule was full with outpatients and surgeries. My husband too was of course busy with work.
Somehow we managed to adjust our schedules and I was able to be micro-inseminated.

However, the first three times I was unable to get pregnant.
Even though I knew that can't always get pregnant after the first time, with each time I tried I grew more impatient.
I really got frustrated when after the third time I still wasn't pregnant, but this time I remembered what I tell my patients: “In Vitro Fertilization is by chance.
Let's go on with trying without worrying too much.” With my own self-confidence I became able to think that way.
The days that were melancholy became easy.
And at last I was able to get pregnant after the 6th try.

Think you might be infertile?

Without taking an examination to find out if you are truly infertile and what treatment is necessary, we can't start anything.
It's hard to face the facts, but get your courage and seek medical attention.

Say your job is too busy?

Are you just saying this to yourself?
Why don’t you try it at a place that has night time examinations?
Or we suggest that you undergo an IVF treatment program which does not require hospitalization, so that you can keep working.