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Message from Miyako Funabiki, MD.


Looking to tomorrow

Children being born starts from a woman's oocyte meeting with a man's sperm and the formation of a fertilized oocyte.
In Takeru Kaido's original movie, "Gene Waltz", the female doctor in a lecture to medical students says, "pregnancy is a series of miracles", and I think that she is right.

I was married at 37.
Then after turning 42 and until I got pregnant and had birth I experienced artificial insemination timing, and 10 In Vitro Fertilizations.
During that time I also experienced 1 miscarriage.
Even after I was pregnant I was also worried about if I would be able to bare my child with no complications.
I think that this kind of experience would be helpful in everyone's treatment.

I thought that at first, I too would get pregnant soon because I myself had taken treatment and had improved results.
But I couldn't do it.
The age factor was more powerful than I had thought it was and I felt that firsthand.
Then at the time when after I finally got pregnant and soon had a miscarriage.
I got depressed as expected but I had to look forward or else I knew I couldn't go on and I was encouraged by those around me, enabling me to do my best.

What got the results for me was that I had the knowledge within me, if it's no good then I'll do this, I was able to plan on my own.
Also, there were health care workers all around me so I could understand the treatment.
And I was flexible with the time for treatment.
I think it was this kind of big situation.
Therefore, that's why we are operating everyday so that everyone may be treated in the same way and go to infertility seminars and have counseling.

Life might not always go as planned.
But you should decide what kind of like you want to live.
If you think you want kids we want to help with all our power.