Contraception and Abortions

It is extremely important for a woman to control her pregnancy in her social life.
There are many different methods of contraception, but the most common and recommended method is the low-dose pill.
Other methods include emergency contraceptive pills and rings.
Oak Clinic provides the following contraception and abortion services.
We also provide DNA paternity testing for post-abortion fetuses, and support both private and legal testing.


Please inquire before your visit as each facility may handle things differently.
Our Ginza location only handles infertility treatment.


Low Dosage Pill

There are a variety of birth control methods, but a low-dose pill is recommended the most.
If the contraceptive is taken properly it can be 100% effective, and unlike the traditional dosage pill, it is ideal because of fewer side effects.
There are various types of low-dose pills, including "monophasic pills," in which all hormones are the same, "stepped pills," in which the hormone content varies in stages, and a 28-pill type that includes 21 pills and 7 placebo (fake) pills.

Low Dosage Pill

We offer online medical consultations.
If you're interested, please visit "Pill Online®".


Emergency Contraception Pill

The emergency contraceptive pill, is used in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when contraception fails, and can be used within 72hours of sexual intercourse.
Oak Clinic offers two types of tablets, Planovar and Levonorgestrel tablets, both of which do not prevent pregnancy 100%, and should be consulted if menstruation is delayed.

Emergency Contraception Pill


The method is to insert the ring (instrument) into the uterus, thereby preventing the fertilized egg to adhere to the uterine wall.
It is a long-term contraceptive when fitted and is recommended for those who often forget to take the pill or are prone to side effects.
The contraceptive rate is approximately 95% or higher, and once inserted, the device can be used for approximately two years.
However, it is not suitable in cases of uterine disease and may also cause side effects.



If you have an unwanted pregnancy

Birth control is of course the best method, however if you find yourself in the situation of an unwanted pregnancy, there is an option of abortion.
Abortion procedures are only allowed to be performed by doctors designated under the Maternal Health Protection Law, as various precautions are necessary for sufficient experience and safety.
The method and cost of treatment may vary depending on the size, so we recommend early consultation.

At Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshioshi, we perform abortions up to 12weeks.


Method of induced abortion

Oak Clinic, Sumiyoshi performs abortions up to 12weeks.
There are generally two main methods of induced abortion: surgery and drug therapy (oral medications), and the choice of one method depends on the gestational age and the patient's health status.

Method of induced abortion
Surgical method ①Aspiration with instruments (aspiration abortion method)
Oral drug method
(Mefeego® Pack)
Mifepristone and misoprostol are taken in combination.
It is effective during the early stages of pregnancy (about 7 to 9weeks) and should be taken under the supervision of a designated doctor.

DNA paternity testing using fetal DNA after abortion

It is possible to investigate parent-child relationships using the DNA of a fetus after abortion.
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is used to compare fetal DNA with the DNA of the mother and a male who may be the father to perform the test.
It is not only available for private testing, but also for legal testing.
In addition, there is no difference in the accuracy of the paternity test results for each.

DNA paternity testing

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