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Initial term (Under 12 Weeks) Abortion

<Consideration of the safety of our clinic>

Anesthetic Management

Other than in the case of complications and special considerations are needed, intravenous anesthesia will be done and you will be completely unconscious.

Breathing, heart rate, blood pressure monitors

The electrocardiogram, breathing curve, and blood pressure will be monitored during the surgery.


SpO2 Monitor

The oxygen concentration in the blood will be monitored.  Respiratory depression caused by anesthesia is one of the more common accidents of abortion.

Bedside monitor

Drip by cannulation

In the event that there should be any bleeding, we are using an indwelling needle of plastic cannula.

Securing the oxygen pipe

If there is respiratory depression or shock, we are securing the oxygen by the central pipe, just in case.

Surgery under ultrasound monitor

During pregnancy the uterus becomes soft and could cause an unexpected perforation during operation.  In order to avoid as much as possible complications like this, and to perform the treatment as safely as possible, we are conducting the surgery under an ultrasound monitor.

Ultrasound monitor

Treatment by Suction Method

In order to protect the inner membrane basal layer and to avoid as much as possible the occurrence of infertility due to Asherman’s Syndrome, as a general rule work is done by the suction method.



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