Abortion Prices

The abortion fee at our hospital is an easy-to-understand lump-sum payment, and the surgery fee includes all the initial examination fee, abortion operation fee, anesthesia fee, consumption tax, and the first examination fee after surgery.
The price includes tax, not the Before tax, and the post-surgery examination fee is also included in the payment.

Abortion Prices

Pregnancy Week Cost Notes
Before Tax Including Tax
Initial term Abortion Until 9 weeks,
6 days
¥130,000 ¥143,000

Choose from 1 day course or 2 day course (See below))

Day trip

Plus ¥10,000(With Tax:¥11,000) for a Cesarean section.

If you don’t have a blood type card a blood test will be necessary at ¥2,480(With Tax: ¥2,728).

Procedures done on a Saturday are done at a higher cost. Please ask for specific details.

From 10 weeks,
0 Days~11 weeks,
6 days
¥140,000 ¥154,000

Four courses of early abortion

Course Name 1 Day Course 2 Day Course Saturday
1 Day Course
2 Day Course
Performed on Mon.~Fri. Tue.~Fri. Sat. Sat.

The 2 day course does not require hospitalization. You will be discharged and allowed to return home.

*All fees / costs shall be paid before hand (Credit cards accepted).
*An additional fee will be charged if you are not on time.
*You can also receive the Anti-D Human Immuno Globulin Vaccination for those who are RH (-) 〔¥25,580(With Tax:¥28,138)〕.
*After surgery, you will come back about 3 times if you had an initial stage abortion, and about 5 times if you had a midterm abortion. Each time the cost will be included.
There will be separate charges for additional medicine, treatment and hospital extensions.

*As for the number of weeks that one is pregnant, there are many errors regarding the time of fertilization because it is a backwards calculation from the measurement of the size (how big you are) Due to this, we can not answer questions regarding when exactly you got pregnant from sexual relations.
*You must come in and make an appointment at our clinic to receive any of our treatments.
*The price including tax is an estimate stated due to obligation to display the total amount. Minor differences in calculation may occur at time of actual accounting.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Regarding reservations

Please call within reception hours to make an appointment.

Please inquire before your visit as each facility may handle things differently.
Our Ginza location only handles infertility treatment.

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