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Initial term (Under 12 Weeks) Abortion

<Process of Abortion Operation>


For the cervix (entrance of the uterus) to be opened without difficulty at the time of the abortion surgery, there will be a pretreatment of inserting a Laminaria (or Lamicel) stick into the cervix.  There is a course that the pretreatment can be carried out the day before the surgery and there is a course that the pretreatment can be carried out the day of the surgery.

❈Laminaria stick, Lamicel stick

It is a thin rod.  It absorbs the moisture and gradually expands, widening the cervix.

Abortion description1


■Abortion Surgery (Dilation & Curettage- D&C)

At our clinic, for the abortion of fetuses less than 12 weeks old, in principle will be performed by the suction method, the contents of the uterus being mechanically removed.  The actual time of the abortion surgery is about 15 minutes.  Because of the intravenous anesthesia you will be in an unconscious state, and the surgery will finish while you are asleep.  We are using the type of anesthesia that even people with asthma may take.


The cervix softened by the Laminaria (or Lamicel) stick will go on to expand slowly in addition with the Hegar dilator.


This is an appliance that dilates the cervix.  They are used in order from small to large, gradually extending the uterus.

Abortion description2

A nozzle very similar to that of a vacuum cleaner is inserted into the uterus and the uterine contents such as the inner membrane and fetus are sucked out.

Abortion description3

We will check to see that there is no residue left in the uterus.

Abortion description4


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