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Yoshihiro Tada, MD

―Male Infertility and Infertility Treatment―


Regardless of having a partner and wanting a child, the truth is that there are about 20% of the couples struggling to get pregnant who are not undergoing treatment.  Of course, I think that there are many who spend time without the special awareness that “children are a blessing”.  However, as for the strength to get pregnant of humans in the case of women, if they are over 30 years of age, along with the age there is certainly a decline.  If you desire a child with sincerity, it is strongly recommended to see your doctor as soon as possible.


If it has been over two years in trying to conceive a child, then this is infertility.  As for infertility, test treatments can be done at a hospital.  Other than the case of the male factor (bad sperm condition) being the cause of infertility, there are many others.  Even people with one child, when they get looked at, it turns out that they actually don’t have a very good condition of sperm.


As for infertility treatment, because it is a thing that couples should go to get it together, and if you think that you can’t get pregnant, it is strongly recommended that not just the female, but the male as well should go get checked out.  At our clinic, we also have male doctors who can correspond with collecting the sperm directly from the testis (TESE).  For males as well, it also starts with just a check up.


In the case that you would like an examination, after your inquiry, please come during the male infertility clinic hours. 

Please check here for the examination hours.




1992 Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Medical University.

After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural Medical University, went on to Kyoto Prefectural Medical University Obstetrics and Gynecological Residency, National Maizuru Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural Medical University Obstetrics and Gynecological Doctor Training, and Diploma was achieved.

Went on to work at Kyoto City Hospital and Matsushita Memorial Hospital before joining Oak Medical Group.

Society Affiliation with the Andrology Society, Japanese Society for Reproductive Medicine, and others.

Reproductive Medicine Specialist certified by the Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Physician.

At a regional hospital, there is few staff; one person will handle the sperm washing and purification and then the artificial insemination.

At Oak Clinic, you are surrounded by staff, and along with female infertility screenings we are also managing male infertility.

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