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ERA (Endometrial Receptiveness Test) - Prepayment

Starting from September 1, 2020, advance payment for ERA testing is as follows:

Treatment Samples Examinations Amount
Patients already doing IVF at Oak Clinic 1 Sample First Cycle ¥130,000
Subsequent Cycles ¥130,000
2 Samples - ¥230,000
Other than the above 1 Sample First Cycle ¥230,000
Subsequent Cycles ¥230,000
2 Samples - ¥330,000

*Prepayment should be provided at the time of prescribing medication, prior to the first day of menstruation.
*Final bill settlement will occur once the test result is available, without the need to pay at each appointment.
*Settlement date will be the date that results are explained. If the cycle is cancelled, the settlement date will be eight days later.
*In the case of re-examination due to a defective specimen, we will continue without settling the bill and only settle it at the end.

Thank you for your understanding.

Oak Clinic Group