Treatment at Our Clinic of Other Things

ED(Erectile Dysfunction)

We will prescribe a PDE-5 Inhibitor(Viagra or Cialis). People with heart abnormalities cannot use them. After you fill out a questionnaire, and have your blood pressured measured then we will issue the prescription.

Examination After Sexual Intercourse (Huhner Test) Failure

When there are no problems with the semen examination, and abnormalities in the examination after sexual intercourse, we will adapt AIH(Artificial Insemination). If you still cannot get pregnant after trying AIH 3~6 times, then we will recommend the “Step Up” way.

Fertilization Failure

There is a fertilization failure when by unknown causes when ART(Assisted Reproductive Technologies) is performed with known abnormalities. When there is an unfavorable fertilization by normal IVF(IVF that waits for the fertilization after a moderate concentration of adjusted sperm is sprinkled on to the oocyte), we will do IVF by Micro-insemination (ICSI).

Retrograde ejaculation

Take imipramine 50-70 mg daily. It cannot be used if you have glaucoma or heart problems. When in vitro fertilization is performed, sperm can be collected directly from the bladder at the time of oocyte pick-up.