Treatment at Our Clinic of Azoospermia

At Oak Clinic, we generally perform MD‐TESE(Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction Surgery), in which we take the sperm from the testicle and then do ICSI.

Obstructive Azoospermia

Sperm is being made, but somewhere along the way on the path (vas deferens, ejaculatory duct) that carries the semen, there is a condition of it being closed off. This happens after surgery of the hernia of the groin, or after surgery of the vas deferens amputation (pipe cut) .

Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

This is the state in which sperm is not being made. Even if it is being made the numbers are very low, and it is in a state where we can not acknowledge the sperm within the semen. This usually happens after having mumps. We will collect the sperm from within the testicles by MD‐TESE. In the case in which spontaneously the FSH is high, there are also times when we cannot collect the sperm.

Semen does not come out

When there is resistance to treatment of Primary Ejaculation Disorder, Spinal Cord Injury or Erectile Dysfuntion by Diabetes, we will collect the sperm by MD-TESE depending on the case.

Retrograde Ejaculation

You will take 50~70mg of Imipramine for consecutive days. You cannot use it if you have glaucoma or heart abnormalities. If you are doing IVF, we will align it with the oocyte pick-up and take the sperm directly from the bladder.