Treatment at Our Clinic when There are Abnormalities in Hormone Level

In the Case in which the Pituitary Hormone (FSH, LH), and the Male Hormone is Low

If it is a case of a low testosterone value, then it is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Since there is a decrease in one part of the brain, called the pituitary, the condition of the testicles is bad and they can not produce sperm.
Depending on the taking of fixed interval injections, we can recognize the improvement of sperm. There is a public expenditure.
In the case of regular testosterone, an abnormality of the adrenal gland is suspected. Examination in urology is required.

Pituitary Hormone (FSH、LH) is High and the Male Hormone is Low

This is the condition in which the states of the cells within the testicles are bad and the testosterone is not secreted, and the sperm is not formed. The causes are various, but in this case sperm does not exist in the semen, or even if there is it is quite a little amount.

When sperm is recognized in the semen, we will use ICSI through IVF. When sperm is not recognized in the semen, we will check the sperm directly from inside the testicle by means of MD‐TESE(Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction Surgery).

Additionally, it will be necessary to check the cells that make sperm (sertoli cells and sperm cells) with a pathological examination.


When the Pituitary Hormone (PRL) is High

PRL is the hormone that prevents the formation of sperm. It will increase when there is a pituitary gland tumor or depending on the condition of while you are taking oral medicines.
In the case in which the about value is high, then additionally a brain examination will be necessary.