Treatment at Our Clinic when Abnormalities can not be Confirmed by Hormone Test and Examination

Treatment by Use of Medicines

In regards to astheozoospermia and poor sperm disease that are abnormalities of sperm, at the current stage, there are none that have been confirmed to be clear treatment effects. However, in regards to the abnormalities of the moderate level (about half of the reference value) by oral, there are those whose semen has been improved. Oak Clinic essentially uses Chinese herbal prescriptions, and in regards to other dietary supplements we are buying them from the pharmacy.

In the case of Poor Sperm Disease:Kidney-Qi Pill (八味地黄丸), Vitamin B12(1500~3000μg⁄day) ,etc.
In the case of Asthenozoospermia:Middle-Reinforcing and Qi-Benefiting Decoction (補中益気湯), Kallikrein(60~600 units⁄day) ,etc.

Other than that, as a purpose to suppress the active oxygen that will damage the sperm, we can use Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, and Glutathione.

We can also expect the improvement of sperm concentration from Vitamin B12 and folic acid (folie amine), which is used in DNA synthetics.
As for other Chinese herbal medicines, there is also the Life-Preserving Kidney-Qi Pill (牛車腎気丸), and Bupleurum plus Dragon’s Bone and Oyster’s Shell Decoction (柴胡加竜骨牡蛎湯), etc.

In the Case of Verified Varicocele

Fundamentally, it can be verified on the left testicle, and you can feel a rope-like material, resilient to the testicles cranial portion. If the symptoms become bad, we can find the engorgement of a blood vessel by inspection.

There is little pain and discomfort, and if the semen is of reference value, then there is no need for surgery. However, in the case in which the semen is not good, and depending on the surgery, the improvement of the semen’s condition can be anticipated.

It also varies depending on your partner’s age, but if there is no need to rush with infertility treatment, it might be good to consider surgery. It needs about half a year to see the improvements in semen.