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Halo Sperm Test


The Halo Sperm Test checks DNA fragmentation of sperm.  DNA fragmentation means damage to the DNA.  Within the sperm cells there is genetic material (spherically organized long DNA strands), but even though the sperm may appear normal, there are sperm with damaged DNA, and this is called DNA fragmentation.  The Halo Sperm Test will stain the sperm, and based on how the coloured "Halo" of the sperm, the presence of DNA fragmentation can be judged visually (see image below).  Sperm with DNA fragmentation rate (SDF value) at under 20% is considered normal.  If fertilization is allowed by a sperm that has DNA damage there is a possibility of affecting embryo development or the viability of the embryo, when the SDF value is high, we recommend “Hyaluronic acid mature sperm selection method” which selects the best sperm by a special method we use in ICSI.


DNA fragmentation

Count of ≧500
SDF (%) = (fragmented + degenerated) / total × 100



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