Causes of Male Infertility: Other Causes of Male Infertility

Sperm Motility Failure (Cervical Factor and Anti-sperm antibody)

This is the case where the motility rate of sperm is good, but in the check following sexual intercourse; only a few motile sperm are found in the cervical area of the uterus. The sperm that is ejaculated in to the vagina will swim up to the fallopian tube where the fertilization will take place, but in the case where motile sperm are not found at the entrance of the uterus (cervix), then it is thought of as the sperm is not reaching the oocyte. Additionally, also in the case of being positive of the anti-sperm antibody (sperm immobilization antibody), because the movement of the sperm will be stopped, there can’t be fertilization.

Fertilization Failure

In the Timing Therapy and AIH(Artificial Insemination), usually, the sperm and the oocyte unite, and we don’t know if the oocyte is fertilized or not. We will step-up and it will be IVF usually after about 3~6 times of trying the Timing Therapy and after AIH, but the regulation of the sperm outside the body and the meeting of the oocyte alone does not always become fertilized. Even if there are no abnormalities with the HSG(Hysterosalpingographic Inspection), sperm, and ovulation, we can know about the abnormalities in the fertilization by IVF. In that case, we will do micro-insemination (directly take the sperm and inject it into the oocyte, and allow the fertilization) after doing an OPU again.