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Recurrent Miscarriage, Habitual Miscarriages




It’s such a great happiness when you hear that finally you are pregnant.  However, even though the pregnancy started out fine, unfortunately it ended with a miscarriage or a still-born.   
It is thought of that according to our country’s statistics, there is a 10~15% chance that a natural miscarriage will occur by the 22nd week of pregnancy.  Within the group, around 70% are miscarried early at less than 12 weeks pregnant, and it is said that the cause of the miscarriage is a chromosomal abnormality on the fetal side.  For people who have this kind of experience with an accidental miscarriage, the next time you get pregnant there will also be a chance of it happening again.


However, even though you should succeed at pregnancy, you are caught up in repeating flow of premature births and still-borns and there is a chance that you cannot get a newborn.  This is called “recurrent miscarriage”.  At our clinic we will do the test to check on the cause and then we will provide you with the treatment necessary.  There are cases where you can succeed without any treatment, and on the other hand, there are cases where a very special treatment is necessary.  First of all, checking to see if there is a cause or not is so important.   


If you have experienced a miscarriage of three times, everyone thinks that next time there will be a 100% chance of miscarriage.  A miscarriage is shocking and what should be a very happy pregnancy probably becomes a scary thing.  I understand this feeling but in addition to increasing age, it is a reality that becoming pregnant and giving birth becomes a difficult thing.  Please look forward and take in the treatment and testing that allow over 80% of the persons suffering from recurrent miscarriages to safely give birth.