What is oocyte freezing?

Oocyte freezing is the process of collecting and cryopreserving oocytes in advance for future pregnancy and childbirth. For a long time, the "aging of oocytes" has been a hot topic in news media. More and more women are cryopreserving oocytes for a variety of reasons, such as not having the right partner and worrying about the age of oocytes, or wanting to delay child-rearing due to their career. With oocyte freezing, there’s less to worry about.
Previously, unfertilized oocytes were considered difficult to cryopreserve because they weren’t very stable as cells go. However, recent improvements in freezing technology have made it possible to store oocytes with a high survival rate.

At Oak Clinic, we have achieved good results in freezing oocytes with the same technology used in other kids of fertility treatment.
In 2016, a patient at our hospital became pregnant using frozen oocytes and gave birth safely to a healthy baby. At the time, the doctors didn't think that we were doing anything special, however we later discovered that this was the first reported event in Japan of a woman giving birth using frozen oocytes, making it something of a breakthrough, and it received media attention. Nowadays, oocyte freezing has become widespread especially among unmarried women, and many of our patients have successfully given birth using frozen oocytes.
Oocytes are affected by aging and their number and quality decrease, making them less likely to become pregnant. Oocyte freezing is the most effective way to prepare for future pregnancies.

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