Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Causes

In the majority of cases with pregnancy loss, particularly early in the pregnancy, the cause tends to be chromosomal abnormalities.
As difficult as these can be, they are common in nature, so as a one-off situation, there is no need for heavy investigation or stress.
However, when the miscarriage repeats, or occurs after the tenth week of pregnancy, it is more likely that there is trouble worth looking into more deeply.

In addition to possible partner chromosomal abnormalities, there are a variety of factors including abnormal uterine morphology, endocrine abnormality, abnormal blood clotting, and immune disorders.

No matter how much we test, however, 35-60% of recurrent pregnancy loss patients never understand the cause.
In fact, around 50% of the patients with recurrent miscarriages simply had bad luck with chromosomal abnormalities being coincidentally repeated.
In this kind of case, there will not be a special treatment required.
After we take away that anxiety, you can rest assured that if you want to have a baby, there is a high possibility of a continuous pregnancy.