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〔Please check before visiting the doctor〕

  • About Payment
    Payment for online medical services is,

    ・Credit card payment using GMO or Paygent
    •Hospital visit payment

    It will be.
    An email address is required for payment.
    Reservations are required for in-patient reimbursement. Please be aware of this.
  • About the first low-dose pill
    For those taking low-dose pills for the first time, we will prescribe one sheet (28-day supply) to see how you are doing.
    If there are no problems, you can prescribe up to 6 sheets from the next time.
  • Same-day delivery of medicine
    If payment is confirmed by 4:00 p.m., the drug will be shipped on the same day.
    If payment is confirmed after 4:00 pm, it will be shipped the next day.
  • Notes on receiving emergency contraceptive pills
    •Emergency contraceptive pills can be picked up at a dispensing pharmacy, so please inform us of a dispensing pharmacy near your gynecologist.
    •Patients are requested to confirm in advance whether Planovar can be prescribed at the dispensing pharmacy. (Please note the pharmacy's closing and opening hours.)

How to see a doctor:
Second-time users of
"Pill Online®"

1. Answer the Pill Online®
application form


Please read through this page and then respond to the Pill Online® application form.
Please make a reservation from the QR code or URL application form.



2. We will contact you to confirm your reservation


We will contact you by e-mail or phone to confirm your reservation.


3. I will contact you for a medical examination


We will contact you and start treatment. Please decide your medicine at that time.
Please hang up when the treatment is over.


4. Payment


After the treatment is completed, we will send payment instructions to the email address you registered with the patient.

  • For credit card payment
    Please visit the listed GMO or Paygent payment page to complete payment (credit card only).
  • In the case of transfer settlement
    A transfer payment information e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.
    Please complete payment by bank transfer.
  • In the case of hospital visit payment
    Reservation is required.
    Please let us know the date and time of your visit by phone.(070-1820-0909)

5. We will ship your medications


Once payment is confirmed, we will send your medication to your registered address(Free shipping).
Please wait a few days for it to arrive.
If payment is confirmed by 4:00 pm, the medicine will be shipped on the same day.
After 4:00 p.m., shipments will be sent the following day.
If you wish to take the emergency contraceptive pill, we will fax your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice once payment has been confirmed.
Please pick up your medicine at the pharmacy.

Clinic Information

You can see a doctor by phone or online from or any other location of your choice.
There is no need to visit the hospital from the time of consultation
to the delivery of your medication.*
Reception time: Weekday 9:00~16:00, Saturday 9:00-16:00
*Excludes emergency contraceptive pills.
The emergency contraceptive pill will be picked up at a dispensing pharmacy.



*If you cannot connect to the number above, please call the number below.
TEL 06-4398-1000

[Reception time]Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00(Excluding public holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

Clinic information