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Menstrual Transfer Pill

If for any reason you want to shift your menstrual cycle please contact us as soon as possible.
Ultrasound and hormonal tests may be needed, especially if you have an irregular menstrual cycle currently.

Fees for medication to move menstruation time

 Item Fee
Online consultation fee ¥500
Pill Online administration fee ¥2,420
How to receive medicine General Method - Prescription Fee : ¥580
- Medication Fee : Varies depending on amount of medicine.
As soon as payment is confirmed, we will mail it to the specified address.
Expedited Method

If you require expedited service, it is possible to pick up your medicine from a pharmacist.
Please contact a pharmacy near a gynecology office for service to receive medication immediately.
You can inform us of the pharmacy's information and we will send the prescription to the pharmacy by FAX.
- Prescription Fee : ¥680
- Medicine Fee : Please pay the Pharmacy's price.

※All prices are before tax.
※All prices are subject to change without notice.

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