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Emergency Contraceptive Pill

The emergency contraceptive pill is intended to prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after sexual intercourse. It can prevent pregnancy if other contraceptives have failed. Our service (Pill Online®) provides the Planovar tablet for this purpose.

Please be aware that this treatment is not 100% effective, so it is important to monitor your menstrual cycle and see a doctor right away in the event of a delayed period.
Please also note that irregular uterine bleeding, early menstrual bleeding, and the bleeding of early pregnancy may not be easily distinguished. If you have any doubts, please see a doctor.

About Planovar

Directions Take two doses, twelve hours apart.
Each dose is two tablets.
Side Effects Some people experience nausea
Online consultation fee ¥500
Pill Online® administration fee ¥2,420
Self-managed prescription fee ¥680
*Please pay the pharmacy for the medication itself.
Receiving Medicine You will pick up the medicine at the pharmacy.
You can contact the dispensing pharmacy where you want to receive it.
We will send the prescription to your designated pharmacy by FAX.

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