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Low-dose Pill

Low-dose pills are tablets for contraception that contain the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones act on the pituitary gland to prevent follicle maturation and therefore stop ovulation. It also makes implantation of embryos and entry of sperm difficult through manipulation of the endometrium and cervical mucus.

Low-dose pills have the lowest hormone levels available that are effective for contraception. This reduces the side-effects of older, conventional pills. With correct use, ovulation can be suppressed and effective contraception occurs.

Some side effects may occur, such as nausea or chest tightness. These are temporary and gradually disappear with continued use.

Types of Low-Dose Pills

Low-dose pills are taken one tablet per day, from the first day of menstruation. They should be taken every day at the same time, for 21 days. After that, there are 7 “pill-free” days, during which most people experience menstruation.

There are 21-pill types and 28-pill types of sheets.

In the 21-pill type, you simply forego taking any pill during the 7 “pill-free” days, and then begin again. For the 28-pill sheet, you take the special placebo pills for those 7 days, and then move to a new sheet directly without stopping. Since there is no time when you stop taking pills, it helps to keep the habit of taking them at the same time each day.


Monophasic and Step-type

The low-dose pill is a “monophasic” pill, in which all 21 tablets contain the same amount of hormone, and the natural hormones in the body create the rhythm. There is also a type of “step-type” pill in which the different pills for different times of the month have different amounts of hormone. If there are two steps it is a “biphasic” pill and if there are three steps it is a “triphasic” pill.

In our hospital, we have a monophasic pill called Marvelon 28, and a triphasic pill called Anju 28.

In our hospital, we have a monophasic pill called Marvelon 28, and a triphasic pill called Anju 28.

Low Dose Pills at Oak

The pill types "Ange 28" and "Marvelon 28" handled by our clinic are genuine manufactured and officially permitted for use in Japan.

Anju 28


This is a 28-day triphasic-type low-dose pill.

Take the active pills for 21 days, and then the placebo pill for 7 days. Hormonal changes mimic a menstrual cycle. Start with the first pill on the first day of the menstrual period, and then move daily with each number. After taking the 28th tablet, move to a new sheet and start with the first tablet.

Marvelon 2


Marvelon 28 is a 28-day monophasic low-dose pill Take the white pill for 21 days, then the green placebo pill for the next 7 days. Marvelon is said to be effective for beauty, as it improves acne via hormone balance. It is sometimes prescribed by dermatologists.


The first time, it is necessary to check whether the patient and the medicine are compatible, so only one sheet (one month) will be prescribed. If the patient is satisfied with the first sheet, up to six sheets (six months) can be prescribed from the second time.

In addition to the fee for the medication, there is a ¥500 online consultation charge. This is a Pill Online® fee, which is different from the fee applied when visiting the clinic in person.

Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice.

  Anju 28 Marvelon 28
1 Sheet ¥2,000 ¥2,500
Features ・Triphasic (3 types + placebo) ・Monophasic (1 type)
Instructions ・Take one tablet each day at the same time ・Take one tablet each day at the same time
Side effects ・You may experience nausea when you begin, but it gradually subsides ・You may experience nausea when you begin, but it gradually subsides
Pros ・Effect is more similar to the body’s hormones
・Lower price
・It is effective against acne and useful for cosmetic purposes
・Side effects like nausea are slightly reduced
Cons ・If mistakes are made in administration, the effect will be lost ・Higher price

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