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〔Please check the following before treatment〕

  • Payment
    Online treatment can only be paid by GMO credit card. Therefore, your email address and credit card are required. Other methods of payment are not supported.

  • First time Prescription
    The prescription for low-dose pills the first time is only one sheet, to check how you interact with the medication. If there is no trouble, we can prescribe up to six sheets from the second time.

  • About receipt of emergency contraceptive pill
    Emergency Contraceptive Pills must be picked up at a designated pharmacy. Designate a dispensing pharmacy near your gynecological clinic to receive your medication immediately. (Please be careful about the holidays and opening hours of the pharmacy.)

Flow of Pill Online® Consultation

1. Access the “Pill Online® Checkup Application Page

Please check before inquiring

This page describes the contents that will be asked to you by phone. Please check it before calling.

2. Call Pill Online®

Please call during the online consultation hours. We will register patient information and ask questions before treatment. For English Help Service please email english_help@oakclinic-group.com for more information. Please note that in some cases, it may be necessary to speak Japanese in order to use Pill Online® or the consultation hours may be further limited by the schedule of English-speaking physicians.

3. Send Patient Information

Send information below.
・Name and Date of Birth
・Address and Phone Number
・If you wish to use the emergency contraceptive pill, please inquire at the dispensing pharmacy.
Destination E-mail:pill@oakclinic-group.com  (for English service, CC english_help@oakclinic-group.com)
※Payment information will be sent to the address that you use
If you have strict spam settings, please be sure to check your filters and allow oakclinic-group.com.

4. Medical Treatment by Phone

We will call you from our hospital and provide medical treatment. Please decide the medicine. Please hang up after completing the medical treatment.

5. GMO Payment

After treatment, we will send you payment information to the email address you provided. Please access the listed GMO payment page and complete the payment via credit card.

6. Medicine Shipping

Medicine will be shipped to you.
Once payment is confirmed, the medicine will be sent to the address registered to you in our system.
Typically this takes 2-3 business days depending on how far you live.
If payment is confirmed by 4 PM, it will be shipped the same day.
If payment is confirmed after 4 PM, it will be shipped the following business day.
If you require expedited service, for example in the case of emergency contraception, we can send the prescription to a pharmacy local to you by FAX once payment is confirmed. Then, you can pick up the prescription at the designated pharmacy.

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