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[Please check the following points before proceeding]

  • Regarding Payment
    You must pay by credit card online using the GMO or Paygent payment gateway. An email address and credit card are required. No other method of payment is supported.

  • Regarding Prescription
    For those who are new to low-dose pills, we will prescribe one sheet (28 days) the first time to ensure the medicine is a good fit for the patient. If there is no trouble, you can order up to 6 sheets at a time from the following time.

  • Regarding Shipping
    If payment is confirmed by 4 PM, the medicines will be shipped on the same day. If payment is confirmed after 4 PM, the medicine will be shipped the following day.

  • Regarding Receiving Medicine Urgently
    In the case of emergency contraception, you can pick up the medicine at a dispensing pharmacy. Please contact the dispensing pharmacy near a gynecology clinic and confirm the stock. You will have to tell us the information about the pharmacy so we can call in the order, then you can pick it up immediately.

Pill Online: First Appointment

Telehealth Application phone number:




*If there is no connection using the above number, please try the following: TEL 06-4398-1000

*For English service, call 070-1820-0909. Please note English Help Desk is closed on Sundays and Mondays. You can also email english_help@oakclinic-group.com

[Reception Hours] Mon-Fri 10:00~16:00(Excluding national holidays and the New Years period.)


1. Call Pill Online®

After reading this page, call during the online consultation hours or email the English Help Desk address listed above. We will register the patient information.
Please send the following patient information and necessary documents by email as per step 2. Even if you use the English Help Desk email address, you should also send it to pill@akclinic-group.com.

2. Patient Information & Documents

Please send the following patient information and documents by email.
[Use your name and Oak Clinic ID as the subject of the email.]

Patient Information

  • ID (ID will be given after patient information is registered.)

  • Name

  • Address

  • Dispensing pharmacy where you would like to receive pills (in the case of emergency contraception)

Required Documents
*Follow the link and print the form to complete it

  • A copy of identification that verifies residence status (such as your health insurance card and/or “zairyu” residence ID card.)


*We will send payment and other information to the email address you use.
Please be sure you whitelist our domain: oakclinic-group.com to avoid the email going to your spam box.

3. We will contact you for medical treatment

We will contact you and start medical treatment. You and the doctor will decide the best medicine for you. You can hang up once the discussion with the doctor has ended.

4. Pay with GMO or Paygent payment service

After the treatment has completed, we will provide an automated email using our payment gateway. Please visit the linked page to complete your payment (credit card only.) This email will be in Japanese, which cannot be avoided, we apologize for any language-related inconvenience.

5. Medicine Shipping

Once payment is confirmed, the medicine will be sent to the address on file. Please wait a few days for it to arrive. If payment is confirmed by 4 PM, the medicine will be shipped the same day. If it is confirmed after 4 PM, it will be shipped the next day. If you are ordering emergency contraception, it can be picked up at the dispensing pharmacy you chose once payment is confirmed.

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