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Vol.15 (Issue date : 2017-11-1)

Medical Society Information

The Oak Group actively participates in academic societies held in Japan and overseas in order to obtain the latest information and techniques on infertility treatment and to present the research results at this hospital.

The 58th Annual Meeting of the Ova Society of Japan

The 58th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Oocyte Society:June 2-3, 2017

"Comparison of sperm washing methods in ART"

(Tomoe Takano, Namiko Amano, Michiko Kobata, Fumie Saji, Ayaka Kawakita, Mizuki Ishikawa, Mari Kakai, Akiko Kawaguchi, Ayaka Koda, Moe Nakamori, Mao Hamada, Miki Nitta, Yoshitaka Nakamura)

The 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Genetic Counseling

The 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Genetic Counseling:June 23-25, 2017

"Examples of ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) testing after genetic counseling improving outcomes"

(Miyako Funabiki, Sagiri Taguchi, Yoshitaka Nakamura)

ESHRE 2017(European Society for Reproductive Medicine 2017): July 2-5, 2017

ESHRE 2017(European Society for Reproductive Medicine 2017)

[Technique with intrauterine fiberscope and curettage of the endometrium (IFCE) improves the pregnancy rate for infertile patients with repeated embryo implantation failures
- a randomized controlled trial -]

(Funabiki M,Taguchi S,Hayashi T,Tada Y,Iwaki Y,Karita M and Nakamura Y)

The 35th Annual General Meeting and Academic Lecture of the Japanese Society for Fertilization and Implantation

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Fertilization and Implantation / Academic Lecture:July 20-21, 2017

“A retrospective study of the clinical effects of the Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA)”

(Namiko Amano, Sagiri Taguchi, Miyako Funabiki, Yoshihiro Tada, Terumi Hayashi, Masako Kyoda, Yuri Iwaki, Takeharu Ota, Takashi Matsubara, Tomoe Takano, Fumie Saji, Louise Kate Young, Michiko Koike, Chizuru Shito Naoko Koike, Ayaka Kawakita, Mizuki Ishikawa, Yoshitaka Nakamura)

From the Oak Group Blog (Excerpt)

Oocyte freezing number and probability of having a child

How many should I save when freezing eggs? I would like to introduce the data from the United States. (Human Reproduction, vol.32, No.4p853-859, 2017)
We examined 520 cycles from 2011- to 2015-. This is the result estimated from the number of fertilized eggs without chromosomal abnormalities by performing microinsemination only for those who have no problem with ovarian function and those whose infertility cause is oviduct factor or male factor.
-The number of eggs collected and the probability of having one child are given according to age. I summarized it in the table.

In addition, the probability of having two children was 66% at 34 years old, 39% at 37 years old, and 7% at 42 years old with 20 eggs.

From this result, considering both the number of eggs that can be stored and the realistic number that can be stored (depending on the age), there are individual differences, but it is highly possible that success can occur with eggs frozen by about 37 years old. There are individual differences in ovarian function, so please refer to it as a guide only.

  10units 20units 30units 40units
Donor egg
(Avg. 28 years old)
80% 94%    
34 years old 75% 91% 95%  
37 years old 53% 75% 87% 92%
40 years old 30% 52% 65% 76%
42 years old 21% 36% 49% 60%
44 years old 7% 15% 21% 26%

Letters from Patients

When I was losing hope, I decided to transfer to Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and resume trying to get pregnant.
With the advice of the doctors and staff, I am very grateful that I was able to proceed to a better treatment and have a healthy baby.
I felt pain at the time of treatment and in childbirth, but I am very happy to see my child, so much that the pain disappears.
The magnitude of the experience is increased by the struggle it took to get here.

Infertility News

Subsidies for common-law marriage from next year Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare policy(7/13)

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced a policy to extend subsidies for infertility treatment, which would not have been possible without marriage in the past, to couples in common law marriages.
However, there are some local differences.
The target is couples of the opposite sex, and it is necessary to submit documents such as a resident's card that can prove common-law marriage.

In vitro fertilization reaches a new maximum 420,000 in 2015, 1 in 20 babies(9/11)

The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology has summarized the results of a survey on in vitro fertilization conducted in Japan in 2015 by the 11th.
In vitro fertilization performed in 2015 reached a record high in both treatments and births, with 424,151 in vitro fertilizations, and it was reported that 51,001 were born, which is about 1 in 20 babies.

Succeeded in producing "egg source" from S cells Kyoto University team(9/19)

A team led by Professor Michinori Saito of Kyoto University has succeeded in creating "oocytes" by adding vitamin A and protein to germ cells made from ES cells in mouse experiments.
Published in the electronic version of the scientific journal of the Molecular Biology Organization.
Furthermore, in order to convert it into an egg, it is necessary to transplant it into the ovary or culture it with somatic cells, so the team aims to develop a technology that can produce an egg simply by adding a substance in the future.
Professor Saito said, "If it can be applied to humans, it may be useful for infertility treatment."
So far, germ cells, which are the source of sperms and eggs, have been produced from mouse ES cells and transformed into oocytes by culturing them together with mouse ovarian somatic cells.

Staff Introduction

Embryologist Mizuki Ishikawa

Embryologist Mizuki Ishikawa

Hobbies Exercise
Special skill Tennis
Interests Travel
Message We take care of the sperms and eggs that we receive from you.
Recently, I have been talking face-to-face, although it is a little outpatient.
We try to provide easy-to-understand explanations so that you can work on treatment with peace of mind, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.